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  1. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Prices include insured shipping to anywhere in Canada. I accept PayPal or EMT. No trades, please. PRICES LOWERED (08/19) DanDrive Working Man (Excellent condition, NO BOX) $575 Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe (Good condition, a few scratches, Dual Lock on the back, with box, manual and...
    $1,234 CAD
  2. Guitar Parts
    Price in CAD. Shipping not included in price. Bareknuckle Supermassive HB-size P90: chrome - $150
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hi Everybody, I'm new here, unfortunately I won't be here long as due to COVID I have to leave Canada earlier than I wanted and as such have to sell both of the guitars I bought here. Do any of you guys have tips on how to best sell guitars here? Any advice on what to look out for in terms of...
  4. Amps and Cabs
    Hey all! Anybody looking to get rid of their Glen Morris amp? I'm on the hunt! Preferably a MO-JO. Looking to have it custom modified by Glen. Thanks!!
  5. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    No longer looking. Thanks for all the responses.
1-5 of 5 Results