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    Excellent condition, still has screen protectors on it. Purchased in early April 2021 and has not left my house. Updated with Cygnus amp modelling and presets. $1400 Includes: FM3 30 ft Humbuster cable *Can include Dunlop mini expression pedal + 3 ft TRS cable for $1500 total. Local sale in...
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    Found one!
  4. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Fractal Audio already has very decent presets in the FM3, which is one of its strong points. Previous versions of Axe products had some give and take among the critics, when it came to the presets and tone quality, but few are complaining about Fractal’s latest offerings. Consequently, when you...
  5. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    If anyone is familiar with the Axe-Fx rack unit, it’s easy to suggest that this can be a very lengthy review, since so much can be done with the unit. The FM3, which is s a floor modeler version of the Axe-Fx III (same amps, cabs and effects) certainly is no different, and so I want to focus on...
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    The widely anticipated Fractal Audio FM3--tones from the Axe FX III in a compact and modular format. Like new condition. I was on the waitlist for well over a year for this and by the time it was sent to me, although I had financially committed to it, other things came up (mainly an expensive...
1-6 of 6 Results