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flying v

  1. Flying V - a case of life imitating art

    Electric Guitar
    The Gibson Flying V was always considered a futuristic and space age design. Who knew it would be so prophetic? This concept brings together two of my three most favorite things in the whole world: guitars and airplanes!
  2. Wishbone Ash on Vancouver Island

    Canadian Concert Scene
    We saw back-to-back shows last week in Courtney BC and Sindey BC. The sound and lighting people for the Sidney show in particular were exceptionally good. (Charlie White Theatre in Sidney- a beautiful venue) This band is SO polished and tight! Decades of doing it all over the world. Cool to see...
  3. Bad Ground issue

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hi all, For some reason I have this weird buzzing in my flying v that might be a bad ground. all my solder joints are very nice and its still buzzing. Someone in another forum said it may not be a bad ground. Ive played it through all 3 of my amps and they all buzz. My tele doesn't buzz so its...