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  1. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Looking to try these pedals. Let me know if you have one you want to move. Thanks!
  2. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Got on a trade recently and as much as I like it I've got too many amps. Like new shape! 8 crazy Dr Z watts. Easily as loud as an ac15. Can get it into the power tube sweet spot alot easier than the Maz 18(which I've had alongside) and without killing your neighbours or your hearing No scuffs...
  3. Sold Items
  4. Sold Items
    Installed once, was in my guitar for about 6 months. Ended up selling the guitar so now I've got this fabulous bridge. SOLD 6-pivot; 2 7/32" mounting & 2 7/32" string spacing Includes: Callaham Vintage Repro Block enhanced Virtual pop-in trem arm Callaham Precision Machined Top Plate...
  5. Guitars
    Great telecaster. These made in japan guitars were great value, well made. 2 pickguards original clear and white. Upgraded Don Mare super sports pickups. He is making very few pickups right now gets these well you can. Original pickups are also included. $2000
  6. Sold Items
    The Kingsley Page V2 is a tube (12ax7) based boost / light to medium harmonic overdrive pedal. The pedal was designed to provide amp like feel and response – and it delivers! Impeccable build quality, super dynamic, etc. – if you are here you likely know this. Pedal is in like new condition and...
  7. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    The G2D Creamtone is a tubescreamer like pedal that has internal switches to add bass and/or gain. Can give shades of boost / light to medium overdrive, but can get pretty gnarly in high gain boost section. There are two sides to this pedal (regular setting and boost setting). I purchased this a...
  8. For Sale , Trade or Wanted
    Looking to sell or trade my fender custom shop Jimmy page telecaster I bought last year . Only up for trading for vintage fender or Gibson gear at this point . Or higher end Gibson custom shop . Please email if interested [email protected] Looking for $5500 Canadian if someone wants...
  9. Sold Items
    I've got two very awesome Telecasters for sale. I'm hoping to sell both, as I've got really bad GAS right now🚶‍💨 so I'm listing a bunch of items in hopes that I can come up with enough funds for the item that is the GAS cure :oops: . Otherwise, I'd keep both of these awesome guitars! I've got...
  10. Electric Guitar
    Hey all! I just picked up this guitar the other day. I was somewhat in the market for a Strat, but it sort of just fell into my lap. It was a crazy good deal so I snapped it up. It’s a Fender Custom Shop 1960 Relic with matching headstock in Shorline Gold from 2011. Has all the case candy and...
  11. Sold Items
    Sold, please delete.
  12. Guitars
    Hey there! Looking to buy a Fender Jazzmaster, preferably the models stated. There's a pretty rare Thin Skin model from 2008 in Shell Pink that I'd really love to pay for but they're very limited. Rosewood boards only. Anything Limited Edition is cool too. Or custom shop. Toronto/GTA area...
  13. Sold Items
    For sale or possible trade is a 2016 Fender American Elite series Telecaster, aged cherry burst, in excellent condition. I am the original owner, purchased new in 2016. This guitar has been professionally set up and well cared for. Asking $1650 EMT shipped Canada Post Expedited from Vancouver...
  14. Electric Guitar
    Looking to buy a vintage fender jag, the bridge looks quite different than any other one I have seen, there's a piece of steel that appears to be fixed to the bridge with an overhang on the treble-side. The strings also look like they're sitting on top of this piece of steel and not touching the...
  15. Electric Guitar
    Hey there, I'm happy to be a new part of the forum! I've started teaching myself to play guitar (on a lefty strat) since the first lockdown and made a video about it to motivate others during this time. Would be very happy if someone stops by and leaves a comment/feedback or whatever! :)...
  16. Sold Items
  17. Sold Items
  18. Sold Items
    Heavy Relic. Sonic Blue over S/B. Lightweight Body. Custom Neck. Dark AAA Rosewood Board. 60's Oval C. 6100 Frets. John Cruz HW Pickups. Certificate. Case Candy. Build Sheet. Shipping Box. Original Owner. Mint Condition. Very little playing time. John Cruz was the top Masterbuilder at Fender...
  19. Amps and Cabs
    Hi all, I'm trying to pinpoint the type and year of a speaker and can't seem to find it. I was offered an amp in trade and am considering it, but want to make sure it's all original. Any ideas on what this one is? Cheers.
  20. Electric Guitar
    Hey there, I'd like to know how much this guitar is worth... and why. /Squire Strat 20th anniversary. Thanks for your help dxtrsnstr