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    Heavy Relic. Sonic Blue over S/B. Lightweight Body. Custom Neck. Dark AAA Rosewood Board. 60's Oval C. 6100 Frets. John Cruz HW Pickups. Certificate. Case Candy. Build Sheet. Shipping Box. Original Owner. Mint Condition. Very little playing time. John Cruz was the top Masterbuilder at Fender...
  2. Amps and Cabs
    Hi all, I'm trying to pinpoint the type and year of a speaker and can't seem to find it. I was offered an amp in trade and am considering it, but want to make sure it's all original. Any ideas on what this one is? Cheers.
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hey there, I'd like to know how much this guitar is worth... and why. /Squire Strat 20th anniversary. Thanks for your help dxtrsnstr
  4. Sold Items
    Looking to trade for for fender Stratocaster this is the 60th anniversary model let me know what you have I’m willing to ship not looking sell right now unless offer is good looking for trade Series: Limited Edition • Model: 0140101740 • Colour: Fiesta Red • Body: Alder • Body Finish: Gloss...
  5. Sold Items
    Excellent shape all original 5D3 ‘54 fender deluxe tweed amp! Sounds unreal! It hurts to get rid of this one! Recapped and now has a 3 pronged cord but other than that nothing else has been changed! Original Jensen speaker included! The original tubes are still functional and sound fantastic in...
  6. Sold Items
    *** She's gone !! that was lightening fast...thanks for all your interest.... 1966 Telecaster # The classic Transition-era Telecaster, with a compliment of mostly Pre-CBS era specs and sounds every bit as good as it ought to. Body - Ash body, original Blonde finish throughout, weight is...
  7. Sold Items
    If you have a Gibson Les Paul custom or standard case in excellent condition, you will sell please contact me with pics and price.
  8. Guitars
    Hey all! Really have my heart set on one of these avri strats, particularly the 59' model with the rosewood fretboard. I've seen a few of the 57' reissues around but wondering if anyone would want to part with their 59'. Here are a few photos of an example I'd be looking for! Doesn't have...
  9. Sold Items
    I've offered to help my friend track down a replacement amp for his AC50 212 (London Kijiji if anyone's interested). He's looking for head versions of the AC30, AC50 or bandmaster around the $800-$1000 range. Let me know what you have, price and contact info and I will pass it along. Cheers!
  10. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Looking for both amps. Needs to be in full working condition - not beat up. Pereferably in/around Toronto. Pls LMK if you have one to sell:) Thx!
  11. Sold Items
    Fantastic amp! Comes with footswitch and cable, very low hours on this amp! looking for $2850 or trades on other boutique gear!
  12. Bass
    I may have the chance to buy one of these and was wondering if anybody could help me out with how much it should be worth? I am a huge fan Entwistle who is the only person I've ever seen with a similar bass. And I freaking love it. Now, I don't have all of the details yet and I realize there...
  13. Sold Items
    Fender Stratocaster Squier JV 1983 for sale all original with Fender black hard case. $1,200 more pictures to come
  14. Amps and Cabs
    Hey guys, Recently had a true "barn-find". I've always played a trusty Classic 30, so I knew essentially nothing about Fender amps. Anyway, I was at an estate sale to look at a car, but I eyed a Fender amp in pieces in the corner. Offered the guy $20 since I assumed it was just a butchered up...
  15. Sold Items
    Up for sale is a masterbuilt xotic xsc2 with roasted AAA flame maple neck and candy apple red over 3 tone sun burst! This guitar plays and sounds like an absolute dream! The exact specifications are on the spec sheet picture! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m not looking for anything...
  16. Sold Items
    Up for grabs is virtually brand new Olympic white fender John Mayer Strat! This is in absolutely impeccable condition with not a single mark, scratch or ding on it! This comes with the infamous Big Dipper pickups which are incredible sounding! It has every piece of provenance that came with it...
  17. Sold Items
    Up for sale/trade is a 2017 custom shop 1952 heavy relic telecaster! It’s in great condition lol comes with all the case candy! looking for 4200 or partial trade on a prs silver sky rosewood of any colour, or let me know what you have, I’m willing to add cash if required
  18. Electric Guitar
    Just had this beauty shipped from Oswald in the Netherlands. It was exactly what I was looking for, and the fit and finish are great! This guitar is still posted on his website if you want to look at specs. For a new handmade guitar it’s tough to beat his price. I initially learned about Nick...
  19. Sold Items
    All original! No cracks, repairs or any issues! The only thing is the spot where it’s worn out on the shoulder! Comes with original case! This thing plays exceptionally well and sounds amazing! 7.2lbs and comes with ohsc Looking for trades on a pre-cbs strat or masterbuilt + cash Or $12500
  20. Sold Items
    Putting feelers out there for interest in this sweet guitar I bought from another forum member late 2019. Thinking of selling because I just pulled the trigger on a Nick Oswald Tele. $1650 OBO EMT in Canada, comes with brand new Profile Tweed case (tags still on it). A “period correct” F-style...