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  1. Sold Items
    Chicago Music Exchange special edition ‘60 Strat. Bought this year straight from CME. Comes with OHSC and papers, etc. These new cost CAD $4429.50 + $250 shipping + approx $600 taxes/duties. Asking $4100. Same model/current listing...
  2. Electric Guitars
  3. Sold Items
    Trades - CS strat, ES335, suhr alt t pro 2011 Fender Custom Shop 100 year old Pine (110years old now) $3200 shipped in Canada. The Custom Shop 2011 Closet Classic Pine Telecaster Pro is a truly remarkable guitar, with a body fashioned from 100-year-old pine. This guitar features a lightly...
  4. Sold Items
    Looking for a Fender American Professional (or similar?) Jazzmaster! Preferably Olympic White, rosewood neck - open to other options though!
  5. Sold Items
  6. Sold Items
    Like new 2019 Gibson Les Paul factory aged custom shop 1957 reissue goldtop, very rare guitar from Gibson as they don’t do aged guitars often. The neck shape is very close to my R9 being very comfortable, perfect balance at 8.8lbs, all stock and not altered from the custom shop, plays and sounds...
  7. Sold Items
    Acquired this beauty in a trade and don’t have a ton of need for it. Super clean, like new. Built in 2019. 220 shipped anywhere in Canada
  8. Sold Items
    Beautiful sounding boutique pickups, these Epic 62s have been used for about 1 year, and not in a main guitar by any means. These pickups cost almost $400 landed for a new set, so take advantage and grab a little used set at a bargain price. Asking $275. From the website: 1962 EPIC SERIES...
  9. Sold Items
    Fender dual bass BXR 400 Dual 200 watt Amplifiers Bi-amplified design with built in crossover. 11 Band Graphic EQ for tone shaping with 6 space Gator rack mount case Hartke HS410BT transporter Bass 4 x 10 8 ohms / 200 watts Everything is in great condition and works perfectly $500
  10. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    I'd like to give one of these a whirl, so if you have one you want to move please let me know. My preference is for a 2x10 combo. Thanks!
  11. Sold Items
    If you’ve ever wanted to own a guitar exactly like Eric Clapton has custom built for himself, this is the one. Masterbuilt by Fender Custom Shop original Mark Kendrick in 2002, you could swear it’s brand new. This Strat is from the same era where Mark was making Clapton’s famous Crashcasters for...
  12. Electric Guitar
    Been himming and hawing for a while now on adding a Thinline Tele to the mix. Was contemplating the MIM version. Is there enough difference in tone compared to the solid bodies to warrant the investment? Just kicking the tires right now but you never know.
  13. Sold Items
    2010 Fender Custom Shop “59 STRAT CC 2TS R54096”. Guitar absolutely rings and features 6105 frets, slab board rosewood neck, and 7.25 radius. Originally a sunburst, I had it refinished into faded Sonic Blue nitro by Gord Miller of GM Vintage Restorations in BC. As per vintage spec he did a...
  14. Electric Guitars
    Went another route but still keeping an eye out.
  15. Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Looking to try this pedal. Let me know if you have one you want to move. Thanks!
  16. Sold Items
    Got on a trade recently and as much as I like it I've got too many amps. Like new shape! 8 crazy Dr Z watts. Easily as loud as an ac15. Can get it into the power tube sweet spot alot easier than the Maz 18(which I've had alongside) and without killing your neighbours or your hearing No scuffs...
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  18. Sold Items
    Installed once, was in my guitar for about 6 months. Ended up selling the guitar so now I've got this fabulous bridge. SOLD 6-pivot; 2 7/32" mounting & 2 7/32" string spacing Includes: Callaham Vintage Repro Block enhanced Virtual pop-in trem arm Callaham Precision Machined Top Plate...
  19. Sold Items
    Great telecaster. These made in japan guitars were great value, well made. 2 pickguards original clear and white. Upgraded Don Mare super sports pickups. He is making very few pickups right now gets these well you can. Original pickups are also included. $1700
  20. Sold Items
    The Kingsley Page V2 is a tube (12ax7) based boost / light to medium harmonic overdrive pedal. The pedal was designed to provide amp like feel and response – and it delivers! Impeccable build quality, super dynamic, etc. – if you are here you likely know this. Pedal is in like new condition and...
1-20 of 119 Results