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  1. 1960 LP conversion thread

    dunno how many of you visit the 'other' forum, fairly infrequently here, but i saw this when perusing this morning My take away is complicated... It looks way better than it did The value of the guitar is now...
  2. thought I found early present

    to myself...I mean... found this on kijiji...killer price hooked me in...serial number had me putting my wallet away sad they aren't calling a fake a fake
  3. Chinese Strat Teardown (Pepto Bismol Special)

    Electric Guitar
    This guitar was advertised as a Custom Shop 60's Strat. Total price was $183.00 CDN shipped to the door. Guitar arrived today in a very secure, form fitting hard foam case. I did not order a guitar case with it. Right out of the box the first thing I noticed was the neck. This guitar was...