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  1. Electric Guitars
    Like new. Floyd Rose. Active EMG pickups. Trans black. Comes with case. Shipping on buyer’s dime.
    $1,000 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    No longer available.
    $1,234,567 CAD
  3. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Anyone have any experience with ESP tele necks? I can't really find much about them online and I am being offered one as a trade. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice
  4. Electric Guitars
    Thanks for stopping by, I’m looking to score an ESP, E-II, USA Charvel, USA Jackson, or a high end Jackson stars. In terms of specifics, I’ll consider anything, dings, scratches, dents, and cosmetic issues don’t bother me as long as the frets are in good shape. Not looking to spend more than...
  5. Electric Guitars
    Price Drop! Up for grabs is this rare and extremely cool Bootleg Bones George Lynch Skull and Bones guitar. This one was number 17 overall from X-Ray Guitars, a very early production model from 2008. This guitar largely hung on the wall as part of a collection so it has very little play wear...
  6. Electric Guitar
    looking for LTD BW-1 Got one for sale? Hit me up! Cheers.
  7. Electric Guitar
    Hey everyone, I’m trying to find where in Canada I can order a set of tall and short tapered pickup rings for my LTD-M400. The guitar came equipped with EMGs but to purchase the rings from EMG is about $30 in shipping. Just looking to see if anyone has any recommendations! Thanks
  8. Electric Guitar
    Good Evening All! I am having trouble finding anywhere that sells any LTD/ESP/Schecter parts! I’m desperately trying to get a Trem cover and having no luck. Does anyone have any insight as to wear in Canada I can order a part like this? I can order a custom one from the US but it’s an 8 week...
  9. Electric Guitar
    After trying some 8s lately and I thought maybe I should try to do similar things in 7s since the neck would be a less chunky to a certain extent. So I was browsing the local music shop and I found this beauty- the LTD Stephen Carpenter Sig in Sparkle finish. At first, I must say the finish...
1-9 of 9 Results