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  1. Sold Items
    Up for sale is my 2015 ES-390 full hollow body (14” across) with P90’s and subtly figured top and back. The guitar has a really nice medium full neck profile with a rich, dark rosewood fretboard and plays wonderfully; currently set up with a set of .011’s. I believe I am the 3rd owner, and the...
    $3,150 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    My Epiphone ES 339 VS is up for sale. No scratches except the guard & the satin'd neck. Minimal fret wear. I've done some mods: black pickguard hardware glass and metal truss rod cover from Hell Guitars Tusq teflon black nut satin finish neck logo removed from pickguard anchored tailpiece...
  3. Electric Guitar
    Good day, I've been considering adding an ES-339 to my 'flotilla' of electric guitars and am looking to Forum members who may own one of these for your impressions. I finally bought an ES-335 about a year ago after much 'lusting' over a Gibby semi-hollow, but ended up moving it along as I found...
1-3 of 3 Results