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  1. Sold Items
    For sale is a Schecter Omen 6 Diamond Series with EMG 89/85. Currently setup with fresh Ernie Ball Cobalt 11-54. Guitar is in pretty good shape, only major scratch is the one in the pictures. I'd give the body a 7/10 and the neck a 9/10. Some specs of the guitar: 42mm Graphtech XL nut 25 ½"...
    $300 CAD
  2. Electric Guitars
    Selling my camo custom. Zakk Wylde custom. Gibson told me its a 2010 model. Very clean. Maple neck, Emg pick ups. Sounds and feels incredible. Its been played gently and looks mint. No dents and no dings, comes with the candy and certificate. I would rate it at the very least an 8/10 maybe even...
    $8,800 CAD
  3. Guitar Parts
    I am selling a loaded pickguard assembly for a Strat. Includes: B/W/B pickguard (I'm not sure if it is a Genuine Fender pickguard or not. It is from the '90's and was previously installed on a 90's Fender Strat Plus with all 11 holes in the pickguard lining up with the existing holes in the...
    $125 CAD
  4. Electric Guitar
    Hi: I want to put some better pickups on the new LTD EC-256 that I just bought. I want to take advantage of a Carvin M22SD pickup that I put in my first guitar 20 years ago. This is a High Output humbucker pickup. My question is: what pickup do I put in the neck that keeps a coherence of sound...
  5. Electric Guitar
    Hey everyone, I’m trying to find where in Canada I can order a set of tall and short tapered pickup rings for my LTD-M400. The guitar came equipped with EMGs but to purchase the rings from EMG is about $30 in shipping. Just looking to see if anyone has any recommendations! Thanks
  6. Electric Guitar
    Hi all, I recently picked up an awesome Jackson V where someone added in a set of solderless EMGs (81/85). However I recently noticed: When I’m on the bridge pickup, the volume pot works correctly however the tone does adjust anything. When I’m on the neck pickup the Tone pot controls the...
  7. Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    Hello. So I recently got a guitar that wasn't complete. I got the parts required and I'm trying to wire it. But it doesn't sound very good. It's running active emg 85 and 81. With 1 volume and 1 tone. A telecaster style 3 way switch. I included pics and the diagram I followed to a tee. But I...
  8. Electric Guitar
    I am putting an A/B test around @emgpickups 57/66 sets vs @fishmanmusic fluence modern sets on this @zemaitisguitars custom shop beauty! Here are some sound samples of the EMG 57/66! Stay tuned with the Fluences Apixamonkey Weekly10 EMG 57 66 Review Zemaitis Fishman Fluence stay tuned with...
1-8 of 8 Results