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  1. Bass
    Hey guys! I'm really interested in studying electric bass in Canada. So I wanted to ask you where to do get my degree. Until now I've only heard about Humber College of Music that offers a Jazz program but I hope to get some more options from you guys. Thanks!
  2. Electric Guitar
    Like the title says, I've been playing my uncle's old Univox for a decade now but I haven't been able to identify the model or anything. I'm not fully sure the year but I believe around the 1970s. (It is currently unstrung, waiting on new strings) Photos: IMG 20180410 121735 IMG 20180410 121727...
  3. Electric Guitar
    I have old Hofner, but i dnot know model and value... Can you help pls?
  4. Electric Guitar
    Does anybody know what or who these signatures belong to on the head? http://imgur. com/gallery/AX94n (remove space if the photo doesn't show)
  5. Electric Guitar
    I know very little about guitars. I play casually for fun, songs like clocks, mad world, house of the rising sun, whatever really. Ive had this ion electric guitar for probably 8-10 years, and my cousin owned it previously. Recently i was thinking about upgrading to something a bit better, but i...
  6. Amps and Cabs
    I am looking to invest in a new amp and need advice on what I should go for. Some bands I like: Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, System of a Down, U2, Audioslave etc. I already have the cab I'm going to use (Mesa 1x12, Black Shadow speaker). My budget is around $3000 CAD, used or new. Thanks, JP
  7. Electric Guitar
    I came across this article in the Atlantic which I thought some might find interesting here. Not that there is much in it that guitar players don't already know. Rather it's interesting to see how someone describes something we take for granted to a general and uninitiated audience. And they...
  8. Electric Guitar
    Anyone else but me own a Lado? I bought mine back in 1983 from Joe the owner at that time I was just a 18 year old punk kid who wanted a Flying V and that was the cheapest price at the time ($625.00) so off to Scarbourgh I go. After 25 years and a long break from playing guitar I still have...
1-10 of 10 Results