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  1. Electric Guitar
    I’ve just started out on YouTube and posted this cover of Hypermania by Polaris! This song absolutely crushes! Please check it out
  2. Electric Guitar
    Greetings all, Hope you all are keeping safe at home. I started working on an OD tone a while back keeping it fairly simple (Amp+Cab+Rev Only) and recorded over a 'Little Wing' jam track. Here's a link , tell me what you guys think.
  3. Electric Guitar
    Hi! I'm new on this forum and I had a question to you gibson owners out there. Even though the title pretty much says it all, here's the longer story. I'm about to get an american special telecaster from a trade, really cool guitar. Thing is, I already have enough tele's and I was thinking of...
  4. Electric Guitar
    Hello, folks. First time poster here. I have a 90's Hagstrom Swede that I am going to rewire. My plan is to turn it into single vol/tone configuration, and remove the "Sound Filter" cct. I will be putting in a set of Lace Divinators. The intent is to use this guitar for some...
  5. Electric Guitar
    It's been a couple of years since I stopped using a pic and I definitely feel more connected to the guitar. My playing is slower but more expressive I feel. But I have lost some of the "speed" I had and alternate picking is probably the hardest. Something like what Jimmy Page does on...
  6. Guitar, Amp and Gear Shows in Canada
    Huge thanks to everyone that made Vancouver International Guitar Festivals Inaugural Year a smashing Success! VIGF will be back again next year! Dates - August 11+12 2018 Creekside Community Centre in Vancouver Olympic Village
  7. Electric Guitar
    Someone who's not too knowledgeable with pricing guitars here looking for some advice. I got this one new over 5 years ago when I was taking lessons but never really got the hang of it. The guitar itself is very lightly used and is in perfect shape. Looking to sell it but wanted opinions from...
  8. Electric Guitar
    Hey, anyone hear of Rocko guitars? I have a rocko stratocaster copy, black with a maple neck and matching headstock. The serial number is stamped on the neck. I cant find absolutely anything about this. It is a nice guitar to play, solid wood body, not sure what wood. If anyone has anyhing...
  9. For New Users
    Hi all! I would like to purchase a guitar for a reasonable press (less than $300 preferably). I am a very petit woman with small hands, so a smaller guitar would probably be best. I started to teach myself some of the basic chords on a Mini Squire with an entry-level Fender amp. Ive had the...
  10. The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    Hi guys, I can share this video with my electrics guitars. Next month perhaps I will be a new guitar :-) Regards
  11. Music
    Posted just today!
  12. Electric Guitar
    Forgive me if this thread exists somewhere....but how low do you like your action? I'm thinking of raising mine on both my Strat and LP (currently super low on m LP). I love low and fast action, but after hearing many greats like higher action, it has me wondering, plus its too low for slide...