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  1. SOLD Welagen Overdrive Special HRM #10

    Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Mint condition, sounds phenomenal! 100watts, the master volume works really well even at low volumes! Beautiful tan suede! Serial number 10, great collectors item! Looking for $5000 obo or trades/partial trades on other cool guitars and/or gear Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. SOLD Two Rock Sterling Silver Signature 100 Watt

    Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Regretfully selling this truly amazing amp, this is the 100 watt switchable to 50 watt version. It it the ultimate clean amp! Based off of the Dumble SSS this amp will get you the Mayer/SRV tones you’ve been looking for, Doyle Bramhall II uses the 150 watt version of this amp. Comes in beautiful...
  3. SOLD Final Price drop!! Welagen Overdrive Special *#10*

    Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Here’s a super early Welagen ODS head with serial number 10! Insanely amazing sounding head, really nails the Dumble ods sounds! It s super clean, the suede is well kept and there are no marking on this amp. This amp functions 100% and to reiterate it sounds unreal. Comes with amp cover. $4700...
  4. Tubesteader Beekeeper. Any info?

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    So someone just offered this to me for a trade for my Benson and I was wondering if anyone has used these? I recently got a fender 68 custom vibrolux and the 35 watts is amazing for the clean headroom but the problem is that I mostly have high headroom drives and I was having a bit of trouble...
  5. John Mayer Two Rock Style Amps?

    Amps and Cabs
    Just wondering if there's anything like a JM Sig Two Rock type amp available within CAD 2000. A 50w head or combo would be fine. The main thing I'm looking for is clean headroom that works well with pedals. Not looking to purchase right now. I wanna save up slowly for the next 10-12 months for...
  6. Build Thread Converted Old Traynor to Steel String Singer

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Since I had a couple of these big YGL-Mark 3s and this one was quite messed with before I got it, I decided to build it into a Dumble style Steel String Singer. I was hoping I would save money by using the existing transformers, cab, chassis, and some of the old random components like pots...
  7. Lordtone Amps, Canada made Ceriatone Amps

    Dealer Emporium
    Hi, we are this is a small online business authorized by Ceriatone, we represent this great amps brand now here in Canada, so we are very happy to announce you that Lordtone Amps is here to stay and offer to you the best quality amps custom made. Ceriatone is a company that...