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    This is a pretty awesome guitar I acquired a while back in a trade. It's recently been setup and the benders dialed in by the luthier at Tom Lee Music here in Vancouver. It has dual b/g benders, each bending up a whole-tone. The guitar sounds great, plays great with low action. There's one ding...
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    Duesenberg Paloma in minty condition. I got this as part of a local trade deal, but have 2 other Duesenbergs already, so don't really need this as much as some other things for the studio. Going to move it before I get too attached to it o_O Asking $2400 EMT shipped within Canada from Vancouver...
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    Anybody Duesy owners out there? They really intrigue me. I love the look and the features of them. Really cool unique designs and sounds! I mainly play a les paul and a PRS McCarty 594 so I'd be interested to hear the differences you guys hear and feel between the guitars Duesenberg is making...
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    Sounds killer and is near mint, no marks or scratches on it and plays like it’s new from the factory! Comes with hardshell case and case candy. looking for 2800 or a trade on other duesenberg models or a PRS Silver Sky!
1-6 of 6 Results