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  1. Sold Items
    Here's a real "ringer" that was created by our own @zztomato ... older MJT ash body that is a dozen years old. The trans blonde finish has sunken nicely into the grain. The pickups are a traditional output (high 5ks) set of Don Mare "Reverb" red bottom pickups... and they sound strong and...
    $1,895 CAD
  2. Guitar Parts
    Don Mare 0038 10K "Keefer" Don has once again closed his shop to orders. Website says he's not reopening them again. Excellent condition, lots of lead wire. DC resistance reads 10.24k.
    $380 CAD
  3. Sold Sold

    Guitar Parts
    As the title says, a Don Mare S-Telly pickup in fantastic condition. These are difficult to come by. I asked Don to add the third wire for ground - so it's ready for 4-way or series/parallel wiring. Mint condition. 11 inches of lead wire. SOLD
    $300 CAD
  4. Sold Items
    Great telecaster. These made in japan guitars were great value, well made. 2 pickguards original clear and white. Upgraded Don Mare super sports pickups. He is making very few pickups right now gets these well you can. Original pickups are also included. $1700
1-4 of 4 Results