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  1. Acoustic Guitar
    Hello: I just wanted to show everybody the new documentary I've made about Juan Miguel Gonzalez, a guitar maker from Almeria, Spain. I think you guys would like this stuff. You can find it here: It's in Spanish, but it have subtitles in English. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Guillermo.
  2. Music
    How Ken Burns Connected Every Dot of Country Music’s Rich History in New Film if you've never checked out the enormous JAZZ documentary series (2001) by Ken, stock up on provisions. Maybe don't attempt a binge watch.
  3. Music
    Hey everyone! Today premiered part one of our "making of" documentary regarding our new album "Let The Silence Stay Where It Was" (out Oct 14th on New Damage Records). EDIT: NSFW (Dan drops an F-bomb) Check it out here: Watch a video about the making of Sparrows' new album We...
1-3 of 3 Results