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  1. For Trade Dano Pro for Tele?

    Electric Guitars
    I have a Dano Pro Reissue in good shape. Interested in trading for a Fender Tele. Let me know what you have? Might be open to other things as well, just no Floyd Roses or active pickups please. I am in Barrie Ontario but could possibly meet up in Vaughan. Not looking to ship. Cheers.
  2. New Member Introductions
    first time caller... i figured reverb and ebay were too pricey and not so friendly anymore--and i don't use facebook, so here i am. i was prodded to sign up by long time associations with "eveready" and "stompbox." And short time associate Matt Allen Vintage guitars (MS418R). i'm a long time...
  3. Electric Guitars
    On the lookout for a Baritone - ideally a Danelectro or 60’s Japanese guitar as that’s an easy fit for my budget, but if you’re sitting on a Jerry Jones I’ll try to make it work. May be open to other models (Tele?) but it could be a stretch. If you’re holding lemme know whatcha have and whatcha...
1-3 of 3 Results