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  1. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Looking for a 16 ohm speaker to pair with a V30. A Heritage or older UK G12H30 or G12H75 would be ideal, but willing to consider a G12M65 or similar (i.ex higher-wattage, ceramic, British-voiced) from WGS, Eminence, Weber, Scumback, Avatar, etc. Have cash or speakers & pedals as trade bait.
    $123 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    Im putting this under guitars and amps because its a set. Traynor YBA 1 Bass Master Amp-Derick Bell 1X12 Cab-Vintage Celestion Creamback-70's Ventura Strat 60's YBA-1 this could be the transitional period. The tube rectifier slot has a plate over it. Not sure if this was covered or stock. Big...
  3. Sold Items
    Asking $600 EMT shipped from Vancouver. For sale is a pair of original 1974 (from "CG13" date stamp) Celestion Creamback speakers. From what I understand, these are RIC cones (non-stamped), original, not re-coned. 16 Ohm/25 watts each. In excellent working condition, and they sound great...
  4. Amps and Cabs
    Looking to mix a creamback speaker with a vintage 30 in a dr Z z best cab? I have one of each heading my way and will try them both. I've successfully mixed g12h30 55hz heritage speaker and really liked it in a previous life. Don't usually like g12h30 anniversary style speakers too much top...
  5. Sold Items
    Looking for a celestion ruby. Let me know if you have one you are looking to move. Thanks!
  6. Sold Items
    Looking to trade my pair of mint condition Scumback m75’s for a pair of Celestion creambacks, H (75 watt) or M magnet (65 watt). These scumbacks are essentials pre rola Celestion greenbacks with a higher power rating of 65 watts a piece. Very highly regarded speaker.
1-6 of 6 Results