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  1. Music
    Majestic Is Your Name, a song created by Terry Tornblom, words adapted from Psalm 8. I am honored and grateful to be asked by Terry, to sing and interpret his beautiful musical composition of this beautiful psalm. This song is dedicated to all the suffering peoples of our world...
  2. Music
    For all the dreamers and the lovers of this wonderful world! There is hope and love. Life and love is a journey, and like a living organism, both has to be tended to and fed. This song is especially dedicated to my lovely wife, Mimi!!! Original composition by Rene A, JUN 2022.
  3. Music
    We need peace and love. Individually, we need 'em. In this world, you have to go to war to gain peace, and fight to be able to love. Very very strange world, we are in. But, at any rate, we truly need peace and love in our troubled world!!! This song, I composed, is dedicated to my Grandson...
  4. Music
    The Light is a song composed by Derek Brown. Derek requested for me to sing his song, and this is my offering to all peoples in the dark. And His light is for all, and specifically for the marginalized, the lost, the outcast, and the sinners!!! Thank you Derek for letting me be a part of your...
  5. Music
    Bridges and Walls, Original Words and Music by Rene A We need to make a serious choice, today!!! Not tomorrow! Do we build walls; or bridges that can allow communication, understanding and love to start creeping and can someday stand united. Make love, not war!!! Peace and hope be in our...
1-5 of 5 Results