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  1. Anyone purchased from Eddies’s Guitars?

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    Hi all, I’m curious if anyone has ever purchased from Eddie’s Guitars, either directly or through Reverb? I’m thinking about buying a guitar from them, but I’m a little hesitant shipping across the border. Any comments on the new CITES regulations would also be appreciated. cheers,
  2. CITES certification so you can sell gear over the border?

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    Is there a way for an individual to get guitars certified as having been built before CITES s you can sell across the border? I have a few vintage guitars, and the market is so much bigger down there. But I can't ship them because of the rosewood. Any ideas?
  3. Anyone import rosewood (guitar) into Canada? Cites query.

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    EDIT: If you're searching for quick info, skip thru to jdto, & Knight-yyz posts -- for facts, links, and forms. And I would recommend starting your own thread -- definitely helpful during the shipping process. Thanks everyone. Oh! And cookies help. Has anyone shipped a rosewood guitar, from...