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  1. Music
    In conversation with Soren Jongberg, CEO of Carl Martin. Soren discusses some Carl Martin history and what pedal put them on the map, as well as recent gear builds and some future releases. There's a demo for the Ampster pre-amp pedal at the end of our talk.
  2. Amps and Cabs
    I have worked with a number of pre-amps with on-board cab sims, few of which grabbed my attention. The pre-amp sections were fine, for the most part, but often their cab sims sounded boxy, honky or fizzy, thus making it difficult to dial into a usable tone. They were decent and did the job, but...
  3. Amps and Cabs
    I plan on doing an extended demo (showing the features after the music number), and a written review... for now, something I put together (I'm impressed!):
  4. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Carl Martin produces some very solid pedals, in that they sound good, are easy to operate and deliver what’s promised. The PlexiRanger is no exception, as it combines Carl Martin’s classic Plexi in a box, together with a treble booster, both of which can be operated independently or together...
  5. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    Carl Martin has released a new power supply, the DC factory, but there are a few differences from the company’s current line-up. Most importantly, this 2500mA supply does not use the typical toroidal transformer technology; rather, it is a fully digital switch mode supply. In effect, there are...
1-5 of 5 Results