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  1. Advice about buying a guitar online in Canada

    Electric Guitar
    Hi everyone! I am planning to get back into playing electric guitar after a reasonable break. I have bought and sold a few electric guitars over the years (including selling online) but have never bought a guitar online. With circumstances as they are though and with an eye for something...
  2. Tokai Guitars Canada 2019 from Westcoast Guitars

    Electric Guitar
    Word has it that Westcoast Guitars in Vancouver Canada is the Tokai Dealer now. They posted a 2019 catalogue on their website for new Japan made Tokai's. They are selling the bolt on strat and tele styles as well as the Talbo and the old Hummingbird Reissues. This should be very cool...
  3. Aliexpress Link for Canada?

    Electric Guitar
    Hi, I know, I know. I am fully aware, warned and wary about the Aliexpress guitars (only found out about Aliexpress from a UK video about a week ago, but have done a lot of research since then). I did try to click on a link in the part of the website that I think was 'order from Canada' or...
  4. B.C. teen with autism a talented guitarist (Morgan guitar)

    Acoustic Guitar
    Farley Mifsud, from BC. (Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge News) B.C. teen with autism a talented guitarist - Maple Ridge News Found the story on the Morgan Facebook page. Morgan Guitars Apologies if it's been posted before. EDIT: again, apologies for the redundancy Ship of fools. Not sure who...
  5. Next Gen Musical/Guitar Parts - Excellent Experience!

    Electric Guitar
    Our singer has mentioned a few times that he would like to put gold parts on his Strat. His wife decided to do it for Christmas and asked if I could do the leg work. I Googled "Canada guitar parts" and these guys in Ottawa popped up. Everything I needed down to the last screw was in stock at...
  6. Last tour of 2017, you should come say hello!

    The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    Having a nice little venture with some friends of ours in Gatherers and Actor Observer. Don't let silly things like age difference stop you from coming out - these shows are going to be great! (and we need Toronto and Ottawa to have strong showing ;)). If you haven't seen us yet, this is your...
  7. Source Audio Nemesis - Where to buy

    Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I can't seem to find any canadian stores other than a few online sites but they have jacked up the price like crazy
  8. Westcoast Guitars Appointed Caparison Guitars Dealer Feb/2016

    Electric Guitar
    We are happy to announce that Caparison Guitars has chosen us to represent their amazing guitars. First shipment is arriving shortly.
  9. Tom Anderson Guitars arriving soon at Westcoast Guitars Vancouver

    Dealer Emporium
    We are proud to be a dealer for Tom Anderson Guitars in Canada now. We are currently placing orders for 2016 production.
  10. Build Thread AX84 SEL - Build Log

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    I'm embarking on my first scratch build, having done a kit amp at this time last year (build log starts on post 9 here ). I looked at a lot of kits from a lot of makers, but then decided to go...
  11. Build Thread My first build. Trinity Tweed Deluxe 5E3 with photos.

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hey everyone. I began my first amp build a few days ago. A Trinity Tweed Deluxe kit. I started a thread over at TDPRI and have been posting photos over there. Here is a link to the thread at TDPRI: I...
  12. HRM OD on a Traynor YGL-3a

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    So, I just nabbed another one of those sweet old Traynors from the 70s (the big Fender Twin Reverb styled one). I already have this same model, so having the second is giving me the courage to try adapting one into a bit of an Overdrive Special HRM version. I am more of an all amp-section...
  13. JTM45 choke question

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    I'm presently sourcing parts to build a JTM45 clone, most builders are using a choke rated at about 5 to 7 Henries while the original Marshall schematic call for a 20 Henries choke. Can someone explain me the difference it can make to use a 5 H or a bigger like 20H choke ? I understand that...
  14. Build Thread Weber Amp Kit

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Just purchased the 5A40 head amp kit from Weber over the weekend. The covering will be a double-aged tweed with tan dogbone handle, chrome plate and white lettering. As a tribute to Weber, I'm going to name the amp "Teddy." :smile: The plan is to make a 2 speaker cabinet sporting a couple of...
  15. Vintage Vantage (Matsumoku Japan, 1976 - 1986)

    Electric Guitar
    Hi all! :wave: My second posting on your forums. Saw some familiar faces already :smile: I noticed some discussion going on in the past concerning the Vantage brand. Allow me ... Vantage is a brand name of Canadian origin. Vantage guitars were build at the Matsumoku factory in Japan from 1979...
  16. Source for tolex in Canada?

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Anyone know of a source for good tolex in Canada? Some metal cab corners would be nice too.
  17. Godin Owners/Wannabe Owners

    Electric Guitar
    Any Godin fans out there?
  18. Traynor amp mods?

    Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    I have a friend down in the states who has a YSR-1 that has been modded to "Plexi" specs. The thing sounds amazing. I have a '68 YSR-1 and was wondering if anyone in Canada specialized in modding these things? Local would be even better :D It's a good sounding amp as it is, although a bit...
  19. El Degas Guitars

    Electric Guitar
    Anyone have any? I love them. I want to buy some more. I currently own two El Degas basses. One's a Fender Prec clone, the other a great Ricky 4001 fireglo clone. El Degas guitars are MIJ clones from the lawsuit era, and not a lot exist anymore; as the story goes, the factory burnt down in...