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  1. Acoustic Guitars
    If you're interested hit me up for more pics. Selling my 1937 D-18 from 2007. This is from the original run of 1937 D-18's. This is not the “Vintage Spec" 1937 D-18's that you will currently see for sale. This is the original - the real deal Authentic - the first Authentic model that Martin...
    $7,500 CAD
  2. Sold Items
    HM Beano Burst This guitar began its life in 2015 as a Gibson Custom Shop CS9 '59 Reissue Les Paul, before being sent to Historic Makeovers to receive their Deluxe Makeover in 2019. Inspired by his love of the look, feel, and tone of vintage instruments, Kim Lafleur started Historic Makeovers...
    $8,500 CAD
  3. Sold Items
    I bought this a couple of years ago from a fellow forum member. If you know about Monty guitars, you know how great he makes them, if you don't I'd suggest some searching and reading, as the reputation is stellar and with good reason! I am gravitating away from Les Pauls a little bit due to...
    $3,800 CAD
  4. Sold Items
    Up for sale is a Bobburst 59 This is one of the early ones. I believe it dates to 2008. Serial number is 010. This guitar is a tone monster. Its aged beautifully. I would say has a 59+ neck. Old Growth Honduran Mahogany Old Growth Brazilian Rosewood. It has his Bobs hand wound Custom Supreme...
  5. Sold Items
    Sold*2003 Gibson Custom Shop R0 (1960) Music Machine Stinger Les Paul Brazilian Rosewood* These have skyrocket in prices. This one had a small neck crack from previous owner. It was repaired by Freddys Frets. No experience with this guy, but the job is unbelievable. You see a little line and...
1-6 of 6 Results