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big muff

  1. SOLD Way Huge Swollen Pickle mkii Fuzz Pedal

    Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Huge fuzzy tones or creamy overdriven tones and loads of tone-sculpting options in between. An awesome muff style fuzz pedal. Is in great condition, couple of minor scratches. 150$ OBO
  2. FS: Animal Rover Fuzz (Skreddy), Mxr Phase90 (EVH), BigMuffPi (tone wicker)

    Effects Pedals, Racks etc
    Check out my other ad also, for various pedals for sale! FS: - Full Pedal Rig: Radial Tonebone, MXR Custom Comp, Boss GE7/DD3, ZW Wah All 3 pedals are in great condition, with zero issues. **Discount possible on multi-pedal purchases. **Otherwise prices are firm. **Trades with high-end delay...