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  1. Found The Perfect Epiphone EB Bass, But I Cant Pick It Up

    I've been hunting for this White EB for a while, and one finally turned up after 6 years, but I can't get it since the seller can't ship it (completely understandable). Wondering if somebody could help a guy out and swing through Toronto and then ship it to me. I'd make it worth your trouble...
  2. Body and neck builder needed (guitar,bass)

    Guitar Building/Mods/Repair
    I am looking for a body and neck builder in Canada that can build a small amount on an ongoing basis for a reasonable fee. Any leads are appreciated.
  3. FS: Revsound compact and light (as possible) 2x15 - price drop

    Bass Guitar and Amps
    Revsound 215T - $500 Full specs - RS215T | RevSound This handmade by a pro with all the best parts 2x15 is only 52lbs and as small as possible while still having a big sound. 4 ohm. 800w. Celestion BN15 speakers in excellent shape. Rear casters and inset top handle for easy transport. Tweeter...
  4. NBD

  5. Greetings

    For New Users
    Good evening, Stopping in to say hi & inquiring as to whether there are any other roadcase fans out there? :rolleyes: Yes, I know it's a guitar forum, and I'm going to try to learn to play bass, but I also have a fascination with backstage gear and collecting it.. ;) Also old music...
  6. Canora violin bass (mid-60s import)

    Anyone know where I can find a mid-sixties CANORA (MIJ import to Canada) violin-style bass? I started out with one of these in 1967 and would like to buy one in working condition. Thanks, -Gord (Edmonton)
  7. Where to study R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz on electric in Canada?

    Hey guys! I'm really interested in studying electric bass in Canada. So I wanted to ask you where to do get my degree. Until now I've only heard about Humber College of Music that offers a Jazz program but I hope to get some more options from you guys. Thanks!
  8. Wounded Paw Black Sheep Bass Amp

    Amps and Cabs
    Hey there anyone willing to read this, just wondering if any of you have had experience with Wounded Paw's rather new creation, the Black Sheep Bass Preamp. The design of this amp is very unique and I am highly considering buying one, even if it means getting rid of my Fender Bassman Pro 300...