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  1. Pro Audio
    Pro VLA II by ART Pro Audio "Tube" / vactrol (optical) leveling amp (compressor/limiter) Other than to test just recently, haven't turned it on in a year, just got so many comps in the rack so lets make space. Comes with power cord - original box long gone. Otherwise excellent condition -...
  2. Electric Guitar
    I was talking to High/Deaf about this and thought "This would make a good thread!" because there is no right or wrong answer here and nobody can say otherwise but feel free to say what you love about their work. As long as it's your favourite and it inspires you, it is the correct answer no...
  3. The Open Mic (Non Music Related)
    If this is real, this has got to be the most mind blowing thing I have ever seen. The melded results of the two images in these examples are so good it is hard to imagine a human didn't create them directly. An algorithm is now producing images that you could argue are 'art'. When the...
1-3 of 3 Results