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  1. Electric Guitar
    Sorry for the clickbait title, I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Epiphone 1956 LP Pro Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Standard PRO as compared to the Fender Mustang 90 Fender Musical Instruments - Mustang 90, Rosewood Fingerboard - Olympic White. I've played the Mustang and absolutely...
  2. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Hello everyone. I need some help, I met this canadian band Headswing or Head Swing (I do not remember how the name is exactly) a few days ago. Seems to be pretty underground. The fact is that I'm fascinated with them. They play the guitar in a very particular way. So, if anybody have information...
  3. The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)
    Alright alright I admit I exaggerated the title to get people to check out this thread , nothing particularly groundbreaking here haha. But I recently released a Hard Rock song with my band project and am looking for some constructive criticism. I recorded each instrument on just 1 microphone...
1-3 of 3 Results