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59 les paul

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    Sold*2003 Gibson Custom Shop R0 (1960) Music Machine Stinger Les Paul Brazilian Rosewood* These have skyrocket in prices. This one had a small neck crack from previous owner. It was repaired by Freddys Frets. No experience with this guy, but the job is unbelievable. You see a little line and...
  2. Amps, Cabs and Speakers
    Marshall JTM 45 Small Box Head Hand Wired Point To Point By Craig Ferguson Marshall JTM45 handwired with Master Volume This is a custom build by Craig Ferguson Over 2k US put into this build with a Master Volume on the back. 4/8/16 Speaker selector made with all the best parts Carbon...
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    A work in progress, but my official website is up. New dates posted for 2016. Check it out.