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The Instrument A forum for the instrument itself

Electric Guitar

Guitar players from Canada and beyond. Plug in
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Acoustic Guitar

For the quieter side
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Guitar Building/Mods/Repair

Canadian Guitar Builders, Methods and Ideas
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Theory and Technique

A place to discuss the ins and outs of playing guitar
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The Gear Amps, Pedals, Effects and More

Amps and Cabs

Your amp and cab forum. Marshall, Fender, Vox and all the rest
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Amp Building/Technical/Repair

Lets see and hear about those amp builds
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Effects Pedals, Strings and more

Talk it up on effects, pre-amps, strings and accessories.
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Recording and PA Lounge

Recording equipment in Canada and techniques
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Canadian Corner A place for us Canadians

The Band Lounge (Members Wanted, Performance Vids)

A forum for Canadian bands to get together
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Kijiji Alerts

Kijiji deals (must not be affiliated with user)
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Canadian Concert Scene

Post your Canadian concert news and reviews
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Guitar, Amp and Gear Shows in Canada

Post any upcoming guitar shows in Canada
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Dealer Emporium

For manufacturers and dealers only. No eBay ads please. (Requires a Dealer Subscription)
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Stolen Gear Registry

List any stolen gear. Provide as much details as you can. Update if recovered.
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Buy/Seller Feedback
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For Sale , Trade or Wanted

Used Guitars in Canada A subscription (Paid Membership) is required for sellers. Not required for buyers
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Vendor Deals

This section is dedicated to the site vendors and their products.
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Check here for admin announcements or to ask a technical question in regards to the site itself.
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The Pub A General Post Area


General music section, whatever you want
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Music Songsheets

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The Open Mic (Non Music Related)

Limited topic categories. Please see rules before posting.
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In Memorium

A forum for those no longer with us
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  1. Effects Pedals, Strings and more
    I stopped playing in bands and electric guitar for the most part like 17 years ago. Back then pedals usually had two jacks, an input and an output. I had about nine pedals in a row and could only turn each pedal on or off one at a time. It was quite the tap dance sometimes. Ok coming out of...
  2. Amp Building/Technical/Repair
    Hey all, I'm starting a Herzog scratch build and am seeking some assistance regarding the 50K output volume pot that's placed between the OT and output jack. Please forgive my electronic naivete. I am inquiring about the tonal effect of installing a pot of a different value compared to the...
  3. I've been playing guitar for two years roughly and I have pushed myself as a bedroom dweller on my own to learn alot of theory. I seem to know my way around the guitar although when it comes to producing music with other players it seem to be a whole different story. Sure I can through down any...
  4. I’m having an amp re-covered and have narrowed it down to a couple options as far as tolex. The problem is the grill cloth. NextGen has a great selection of Fender style stuff but I’m looking for something a bit more funky. If I go with purple tolex, I’m thinking of either a Marshall checker...
  5. Bass Guitar and Amps
    I’m basically considering this a retirement sale, so no trades. Fender Aerodyne, 5-6 years old. All original. Nice soft/hard case. These are very light but soft basswood, mine has several small dents but nothing through paint - impossible for me to capture on camera, given the high gloss...
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