• Roland GA-212 and GA-112 Guitar Amps

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    Los Angeles, CA
    (March 23, 2012) -- Roland introduces the new GA-212 and GA-112 guitar amplifiers. The GA-212 and GA-112 stage amplification systems meet the rigorous demands of performing guitarists. Unlike modeling amps that set out to recreate the sound of multiple vintage classics, the GA series leverages Roland’s renowned COSM technology to create newly-voiced amplifiers with versatile, expressive tones and simple, intuitive operation. They deliver an organic playing experience characteristic of top-level tube designs, with all the advantages that modern digital processing brings, including memory, low noise, and more. From the arena to the club, the GA amps deliver world-class power and tone.

    • GA-212: 200-watt amp with two 12" speakers
    • GA-112: 100-watt amp with one 12" speaker
    • Original COSM amp model (Progressive Amp) with incredible feel, attack, natural compression, and sustain
    • Morph through clean to super-extreme tones with the DRIVE knob and BOOST button
    • Intuitive operation with simple, fast-access structure; two volume controls, three tone controls, presence, and reverb
    • Smart Channel memorizes the current position of knobs in all four channels without programming or saving
    • LEDs in the knobs show current settings in any channel, great for dark stages

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    1. Robert1950's Avatar
      Robert1950 -
      The GA-112 street price is $999 in the US.
    1. kurtdaniel's Avatar
      kurtdaniel -
      Certainly does look like an arguable move forward in serious amplification.. youd surely learn how to play guitar with this gear..
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