• Rocksmith Has Arrived

    Call it a game, call it a teaching aid or you could call it both. Rocksmith from Ubisoft was recently launched with much anticipation and it has come through with the goods.

    Using a real guitar you plug yourself into a vast array of game modes and learning modules. Head into career mode and hit the rehearsal hall in preparation for your first gig. Do well and you may be asked to perform an encore. The game is great for non guitar players as well as seasoned pro's. You play at your level and progress as you get better. The software recognizes when you can handle more and dishes it out.

    There are also some fun arcade games and all are built to make you a better guitar player. Once you start to get a little more in depth with the game you can start to play around with your own arsenal of guitars, amps and effects. These are earned as you progress through the game modes.

    Rocksmith hits a new high in the guitar based gaming world. The mere fact that you are able to use a real guitar puts this game at the top of the shelf.

    Its a game that you wont get bored with and can't whip through in one night. So this makes it well worth the buy and affords an endless amount of entertainment as well as a great way to polish your guitar skills.

    Available for Xbox, PS3 and due out for PC later in the year.

    Check out more at Rocksmith Canada
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    1. cheezyridr's Avatar
      cheezyridr -
      when it's released for pc i might go for it
    1. KoskineN's Avatar
      KoskineN -
      Buy it! I worked on that game! :)
    1. cheezyridr's Avatar
      cheezyridr -
      now see, your behind the scenes pov and general knowledge of it would make an interesting addition to this article.....just sayin -
    1. Baconator's Avatar
      Baconator -
      I pre-ordered through BestBuy.ca to take advantage of a two song bonus offer - one of which was Bodysnatchers by Radiohead and since In Rainbows is one of my favourite albums I took the plunge. I haven't gigged on guitar in about 7 years and haven't played very regularly in that time so I've been looking for something to inspire me to pick up my electrics more often. This definitely fits the bill for me. The game works surprisingly well - the pitch recognition is relatively quick and accurate. I found that it can be picky about how you play chords, but otherwise it works well. I've played more electric in the last few days than I have in months and even though I had no real desire to learn many of the tunes in the game's song list I have enjoyed the experience. There are arcade-type games to work on particular techniques that are fun and challenging. In a few days I've managed to get to 'International Support Act' which I guess is about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the rankings, but things are starting to get pretty tough. Right now I'm stuck on the RHCP version of Higher Ground and at this level you pretty much are playing 'proper' versions of the songs. I'm just starting to get to 'master' certain tunes which results in you playing them without any visual prompts - almost like real life :). For $80 (or less at Costco) this is a fantastic purchase IMHO. I've bought a few guitar lesson DVDs (i.e. more than $80 worth) and this is more useful/enjoyable for me. Now if only they start releasing bass songs. No game is perfect and this does have a few drawbacks. The menu system is pretty clumsy and seems poorly thought out. It can be a real nuisance to rehearse tunes since you can only practice things so many times before you have to navigate through the menu again to continue working on them. There is an issue with lag that does make the game more challenging than it needs to be and there is no automatic lag calibration too like there is in Rock Band (iirc). That said, I would recommend this to anyone ranging from eager beginner (you still can't improve without practice and dedication) right up to intermediate level. If you're really skilled this game might not challenge you very much, but I think for most amateur guitarists this game offers enough to make the purchase worthwhile.
    1. ccuwan's Avatar
      ccuwan -
      very cool......All I need now is to get my son to bring his PS3 back from college and I'm in..........fact is the pc version will be out first......
    1. blam's Avatar
      blam -
      i have this game. got it as a gift, otherwise i don't think I'd have bothered to pick it up. having said that, now that i;ve played it, I might go back on that and say i would definitely recommend it to any beginners.

      having said that, if you've never picked up a guitar in your life, you might be frustrated playing this game.

      it's fun, challenging, and teaches/forces me to play without relying to look at my fretboard 110% of the time. there are definitely some great jams on there too.
    1. wingsfan's Avatar
      wingsfan -
      I hate this game and can't put it down.lol
    1. traynor_garnet's Avatar
      traynor_garnet -
      has anyone tried the PC version? I want to know about latency.
    1. blam's Avatar
      blam -
      Quote Originally Posted by traynor_garnet View Post
      has anyone tried the PC version? I want to know about latency.
      It's not out for pc yet
    1. kurtdaniel's Avatar
      kurtdaniel -
      Seriously though, if you ever wanted have guitar tutorial, get this game as there really is no better tutorial for beginners that will make you stick to playing.
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