• Richmond Guitars Introduces Richmond Empire

    Montreal, Canada (August 12, 2010) -- Richmond Guitars introduces the Richmond Empire to their line of retro-inspired, Canadian-built instruments.

    The new Richmond Empire features a single cutaway solid silver leaf maple body with poplar wings, 24 " scale, a smooth and ultra-comfortable mahogany Ergocut neck with a worn in feel, rosewood fingerboard, high-ratio tuners, and a chrome wrap-around bridge. In terms of electronics, the Empire is powered by 2x Godin pickups including a low-noise single-coil in the neck position and a custom humbucker in the bridge. The versatile tones of this electric solidbody can be controlled by a 3-way toggle switch, 1x volume, and 1x tone knob.

    MSRP: $639 (includes deluxe gig-bag)
    Comments 2 Comments
    1. hookedonphonics's Avatar
      hookedonphonics -
      Looks like an LP Junior, I like it!
    1. AlcolmX's Avatar
      AlcolmX -
      Yeah I think these look pretty sharp. I'm definitely gonna give one a shot.
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